I want to make around 200k a year, I know that's a lot of money but you could consider that it's my dream to have such feat. But the thing is I don't know what to do that makes me achieve that, many of you could tell me search for internet( which Ian doing by asking to you ,lol ) and you would find many references that's ok but an article written for whole world cannot justify all situations so that is why I end up here. I am 22 currently and my biggest fear is to die without doing something and that is the reason I keep hovering around without sticking to one thing , also that if I start doing something , I feel it's not going to pay me around 200k ( may be I am dillusional- that is why I asked ). I think I am ok with my brain , I would say decent . The way I project my self in terms of intelligence is that if there is one person I am afraid of is my own self- who works his ass of day and night and I think that my -ownself working hard will give the most intellectual run for there money. Now you would say then you should not fear anything but , i dont know what will i do and that is scary to me. i know i have wasted about 1/4th of my life (if iam fortunate to live 80 ) but i dont want to live like this .

so the thing is i don't know where should I go , nonethless I am moving very fast - but in circles and everybody seems to move somewhere. So anybody who have achieved such feat amongst you please share How you achieved it so that I can achieve it and could face myself in mirror . I know you people are out there and I know being on such feat makes your time very valuable but I will take each of your word as a line to never cross and try my best. the reason . so please help me