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How to Shit-Test Women...

July 24, 2018

Everyone knows about how Women Shit-Test Men, and do it constantly... But, few know that Men do the same, (Or should!) and how that works.

Basically it comes down to the old "Women Gatekeep Sex" and "Men Gatekeep Relationships" deal. We see plenty of women Shit-Testing men for sex via all sorts of methods. (Must be X tall, must have $$, etc...)

How do men shit-test women for relationships? By trying to fuck them. See, if a woman lets you fuck her rapidly she isn't relationship material. Every man knows this. Unless you are the top 1% of men, you know that you aren't REALLY special. You know she has more options than you do, you know that guys are super thirsty, and you know that Tinder is a thing. Every woman is literally walking around with a cock buffet in her pocket these days.

If a woman cannot hold out, and do so gracefully for AT LEAST a month she isn't relationship material. This is your new standard. Own it. Your body knows this is already true. Your mind will try and rationalize it, and hamster for you so you "feel special", but if she is fucking you too soon, you KNOW you aren't AND you know she is a slut.

By having the standard you will weed out every modern woman from your "relationship pool". I have NEVER had a girl actually make it to 2 weeks in of dedicated gaming and NOT given it up. (I am rather dark triad and somewhat attractive so YMMV here.)

Ultimately you MUST do everything in your power to try and fuck her as quickly as possible, because if you make it easy on her you know you aren't actually testing her. (Obviously nothing illegal/Immoral here.)

This also explains why women are FORCED to pick Beta-Bux. Chad's/Alphas all KNOW this shit deeply. (Or will figure it out once their N count is high enough and they've had a few g/fs.) They will NEVER commit to these women. In so doing they FURTHER undermine women's SMV and bargaining power within the SMP, and drive down the cost of sex.

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