For many of the past few years, I was obsessed about the missing piece: a girlfriend. That's the only thing that was missing from my life and it became an obsession. It took over my thinking and life. I became depressed and miserable because I was "alone." Every time I saw couples outside I got angry and sad. Due to some circumstances, I was never able to get a girlfriend. Now those circumstances are gone, but in the past few years, after tinder became mainstream, I entered the game too late. I have spent the past year on tinder and 3 other dating apps, with 0 results. It was one big fat waste of time. Talking to girls, entertaining them, etc... just to have my time wasted in the end.

But I have now reached the point where I don't want it anymore. I have seen the true nature of the female, and the current society which does not control it. So I think it is actually a blessing in disguise that I did not have a girlfriend. I have taken the black pill. I will always know that a girl either wants me for my looks or money, not me. So it would be invalid to enjoy spending time with a girlfriend. I don't even want it anymore. I will just focus on my career, and if I want sex I can just use escorts straight to the point.

Now when I see couples in real life, I smile to myself and think of the guy as a sucker. It feels good to finally be happy with myself and what I have in my life.