She's unhappy with depression. She is getting fucked one time per year.

I told her not only would I fuck her 104 times per year, minimum (twice per week), but I would pay attention to her other needs regular health-wise and mental health-wise.

But, I also told her she can choose to not indulge in my offer, instead choosing all the lower-level offers out there (which is all of them, basically).

Did I do anything wrong? I'm giving her a choice whether or not to choose the easy life (that I would give her) or the hard life (that literally any other guy available would give her)…

It's the easiest choice in the world, but she's a woman, so I doubt she'll make an honest choice.

This is my very last chance of seeing whether or not a relationship will work.

There will be NO choices after this. If she ignores the choice I've given her, I will still be her friend in the long run, but I will never be a sexual partner for her.

Did I make the right decision giving her a choice between happiness (me) or misery (her other options)?

Just asking.