First I want to mention that I've discovered MGTOW some months ago and I love it. I respect all of you for making the decision of living your life without complicating things with family, wife's, etc. But I have some questions about this "lifestyle" if I could call it that:

  1. If you guys refuse to engage In a relationship with a woman, how do you fulfill your sexual needs, or just the need to have a life partner? (I guess not all of you use escorts/hookers or fapping every day)

  2. I guess those who refuse to be with a woman at all they just masturbate. How do you deal with the facts that pornography and masturbation could affect your health? I've searched a little and from what I've found those thing are pretty bad for mental health, physical health, etc.

Thanks in advance for those who answer. Also sorry for the bad English, if I've destroyed some words.