From the Wikipedia page of 1975 Icelandic women's strike:

"On October 24, 1975, Icelandic women did not go to their paid jobs nor did they do any housework or child-rearing at home. Ninety percent of women took part, including women in rural communities.[3] Many industries shut down for the day as a result. There was no telephone service and newspapers were not printed since the typesetters were all women. Theatres shut down for the day as actresses refused to work. The majority of teachers were women so schools either closed or “operated at limited capacity.”[1] Flights got cancelled since the flight attendants did not come into work and bank executives had to work as tellers to keep the banks open on this day.[1] Fish factories were closed since the factory workers were primarily women.[4]"

So let's look at 2 things:

1) these jobs are not jobs that men can't do. They are done by women primarily because men's skills were needed elsewhere. If need be men could have done these jobs as well. So women demand the right to work all those previous years and then when the time comes they strike just to prove how important they are? Gimme a break

2) Let's try the exact same experiment with men. But wait not 90% of men, just about 5-10% of men and we'll see how that turns out. If we are to be selective I'd choose firemen, construction workers, pilots, engineers, plant operators. Just take away 10% of men and then the economy would collapse so bad that a recovery would be near impossible.

And then there are womyn who use these strikes to explain "who run the world? Girls".