While I have dated many women, from many different backgrounds, economic standings, education levels, body shapes and locations, it is quite brief to summarize them. There is no better way to know that all women are the same, no matter what variables you throw in there.

The first thing you notice about a woman is her desperation. If she doesn't sleep with you on the first night, willing to do anything, then she has a bigger target, or you are the backup, and she isn't focusing on you. She is just seeing what she can get from you before you get tired of waiting for sex.

After the first night of sex, she will test the waters, and see if that bought her some easy money, gifts and attention from you. If you give her expensive things, she will then start to turn sex into a reward for you to keep doing so. It will become increasingly demanding to get the same sexual attention, until you run dry, financially. At this point, she is done with you, until you have a good amount of money in your savings again.

If you do not give her the attention, money and gifts after the first night of sex, she will then continue to give you sex, with nothing off the table, and might even up the intensity. This will continue for 2 weeks to a month, at which point most will start demanding things. It can be longer, if she things she hit the jackpot financially. A woman will be willing to put up with a lot, depending on how much money you have. After the patience wears thin on her wanting and greedy eyes not getting, she will then become spiteful and insert remarks in conversations that she knows will incite negative emotions in you. The goal is to make you become aggressive, to where you feel bad for arguing with her, and buy her things as an apology.

If the argument scheme fails, she will do one of two things. She will assault you physically or through false allegations, in which you are automatically at risk of being considered the perpetrator by law without evidence to protect yourself (body-cam), or she will move on to the next target.

Most of my relationships, after being full red pill, end in about a month. Each one has sex with me on the first date. However, I end up dumping each one of them, and never say another word to them again, because they don’t deserve anything more. Sex is a mutually pleasurable thing.

I have since cut all of that crap, and given up the dating game, as there is still a level of stress that isn’t enjoyable, and really makes you gauge if the whole experience is worth it. In the end, I am not sure any woman I ever dated was worth the sex, but what is done is done.

If you haven’t dated, then know that this is all that you are missing. The game is about how to take you for all that you are worth. Women have no consideration of men past their wallet. If you have dated, than you know pretty much what I am talking about. For the young ones out there, it is better to not mess with the piranha pool, ‘lest you return with far less than you entered, if you return at all.