I was texting this chick

March 15, 2019

My (M19 virgin fuck) whole goal is to acquire this hoes soul (rule is three dates to fuck or I drop her) prior history, she started talking to an ex, I guess that fizzled out and she back to me. she’s a 5, super insecure, daddy issues, I fucked up big time, don’t wanna do it again, can anyone give me any tips? Here is text thread:

Day 1

Her: 2pm - hey Her: 10 pm - did you work today? Me: hey, yea I worked today, it was a bitch Her: was it bad? (Dumb girl, I already said it was) Me: (explained why it’s bad and optimism thrown in there) Her: I hope it won’t be bad tomorrow Her: I don’t know when the snows coming in Me: (explained plans for tommarow) Her: you’re welcome and I’m ready for summer Her: (ask when I work, work at same retail store) Me: (shit joke + when I work) Her: Ohh and grr (lower interest I guess) Me: I’m going to bed, text you when I text you

Day 2

Her: 2pm hey Her: 8pm you made it home safe? Me: hey, yea I made it home safe, I’ll talk to you later. Her: okay

Day 3

Her: 6pm - Hey! Her: 10pm - How was work? Me: good, I’ve got a few things to do, might ft later Her: okay just tell me when you’re not busy Me: 11 pm alright I’m not busy Me: 11:20 hey, I’m going to bed at 12, so if you don’t ft by then we’ll have to try some other time (shouldn’t have double texted I know)

Day 4

Her: 8 am - I’m sorry I fell asleep I hope you’re not mad Me: I’m not mad at you but I’m disappointed that when I get time, you waste it by falling asleep Her: I’m sorry (sad face emoji) Her: I don’t want you to be disappointed (sad face emoji) Me: well you did and you’re gonna have to make it up to me Her: I will, I promise and I’m really sorry (sad face emoji) Her: 9pm: heyy, wanna ft me later Me: 10pm: maybe 11 Her: okayyy Me: 11 pm: ft when ready Her: 12 pm - she asks for a ride Me: I deny it with a bs excuse, she buys it Her: I’ll try my best (to find a ride) Her: thanks, if you weren’t busy you would’ve give me a ride Me: yes Her: awe, see I told you, you are sweet Me: thanks Her: you’re welcome

Day 5

Her: 11 am Hey morning Me: I’m busy, text you later Her: okay Her: 4pm she asks for ride, I give it too her (during ride I bring up how she can make falling asleep on me up to me: I tell her she can make the ride better by sucking my dick, she seems stunned I said it, doesn’t do it, and it’s a bit awkward.) Her: 9pm hey Me: hey Her: wyd Me: nm, wbu? Her: trying to warm up Her: How was your day Me: it’s fine, tommarow will be great tho Her: why’s that Me: lists plans Her: tommarow will be boring for me though Her: do you wanna ft for a bit if you want? Me: ft when ready Her: 1am I had fun on ft with you tonight :) Me: I had fun too, we’ll have to do it again (I accidentally validated her, fuck me) Her: For sure

Day 6

Her: 10am hey Me: I’m busy today, text me tommarow Her: okay

Day 7

Her: 10 am Hey Me: I’m busy rn, text later Her: okayy Me: I hope your day was good, ft you later Her: it was good! Can you ft around 10:30? Me: I’ll ft you around 10:45 Her: okayyy

Day 8 (I started fucking up more and more)

Her 11:50 am: hey Me: hey, I hope you have a good day, it’ll be late tonight before I ft you (dumb, needy behavior) Her: I hope you had a good day too, and okayyy Me: hey, do you wanna ft (dumb, let her chase me right) Her: yes

Day 9

Her 2pm : hey! A bit (2 texts each) of small talk Me: I tell her I stay focused on my goals, I won’t ft later but may text Her: okayy have a great day at work Me: thank you Her: yw!! Me: 10 pm: I’m tired, I’ll catch you at work tommarow Her: okayyy see ya tommarow!!

Day 10:

Her 6:30 pm (I told her I’d text her at 6 pm stupidly) Hey! Bit of small talk Her: I’m doing alright Her: I actually did want a hug today (I called her out, and denied it to her) Me: I noticed Her: how Me: body language Bit of small talk Her: well, maybe tommarow I might just give you a hug Me: you do anything you want, but I’ll bet you won’t Her: wanna bet? Me: sure, what you want? (Trying to get a bet she misinterpreted it) Her: a hug Me: nope, gotta earn it, I’m getting tired, see you tomorrow. Her: okayy see you tommarow

Day 11: I fucked up hard

Her 10 am: heyy Me: hey Her: what’s up (should’ve flipped it on her instead I said) Me: staying busy, wbu? Her double text Bit of small talk Her: I’ll see ya, and I’m gonna prove to you I’ll give you a hug:) Me: we’ll see Her 10pm: small talk, mad I’m talking to a recruiter, she’s afraid I might leave Me: I might, it depends on what happens (should’ve combined this and next text Her: what do you mean? Me: if I get more out of staying or going (tempting her with relationship) Me: asking when she’s available for a date Her: says 2 nights Me: okay we’ll do something on Thursday then Her: okay sounds good to me:) Me: I’m tired, I’m going to bed, talk to you later Her: Goodnight :)

Day 12: the ft session was shit, I failed a few shit tests, I’ll tell later

Her: 10 am hey! Me: I’m busy today, ft me later tonight (needy behavior) Her: 5 pm okay I will Her: 9pm when are you ready? Me: ft whenever Her 11:30 pm: Goodnight:) Me: Goodnight (I allowed her to bait me into doing it, failed compliance test)

Also showed jealousy once, failed another two compliance tests, checked her on most shit tests but the three were big to me. Also I asked her where she wanted to go on the date, and didn’t keep calm a few times.

Day 13 everything went to shit

Me: 11 am Hey, I should’ve set specific date before (date is day 14) I give location, and time, let me know Her: okay sounds good to me Her 8pm hey Small talk, I end convo (nc from her for next 16 hours which I end, fuck me)

Day 14 today, big fuck up

Me: 12pm hey I’m gonna be late, I have to work late, if you wanna reschedule, let me know, (dumb af, I should’ve made it a command instead of an option) Her: how late you have to work? Me: I’d be up there about five (I meant her house, she thought I’d leave at five I guess Her: I guess we can reschedule Me: 1pm let me know when you wanna reschedule Her: Okayyy:) Her: 5pm did you leave work Me: No, I left before four, I said I could be up there at five, why? Her: just curious Me: Because you thought I meant I’d be done working at five, so there wouldn’t be enough time for a date, and you came to pick up your check and you didn’t see me, so now you distrust me, right? (I was trying to analyze the situation, fuck me, it was a long day today, failed shit test, didn’t think) Her: No, I was just wondering I’m sorry Me: okay Her: what’s wrong Her; are you mad at me Her: I trust you 100 percent Me (if i was smart I would’ve played up that and gaslighted her, but I wanted to gtfo) No, I’m not mad, I was just saying I accept you answer, and I didn’t mean for it to come off as accusatory (fuck me for apologizing) Her: no, it’s okay Me: yea, it’s fine, I’ll talk to you later, I’ve got some stuff to do. Her: okayyy Her 10pm: hey

What to do now? Advice, don’t wanna make same mistake again, maybe low to nc for tonight and tommarow to start. Any questions answered in comments.

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