So long story short, I dated this girl summer of 2016. I ended up dumping her at the end of the year, for several reasons that might seem petty but mainly because she just didn't have her shit together and she was also hanging out with some sketchy people.

Past year we've been talking, last 4 months or so mostly as "just friends". Now she's got her shit together, and she's been dropping not so subtle hints about us getting back together and keeps trying to get me to see her. I keep reminding myself why I'm better off single and don't bite.

Well she finally ran out of patience after months of this and me not talking to her for a couple weeks and ended up getting back with one of her beta fuckboys. Which is probably great news, but the messed up thing is that I'm bothered by it. Like a part of me wanted to get back with her and I'm pissed that I half deliberately drove her away.

Brain, why you do this?