Bachelorhood has truly made me a happy man - What I say to younger men(Yes I know I still I'm very young and have a lot of life left)

My last relationship ended on July 17th, 2013(I remember the date because we had a pretty bad fight). That night I was drinking and having a good time when for no reason my ex-girlfriend and I had a pretty bad fight. She started hitting me and I did my best not to hit her with all my force. I packed my things and took my keys. I left that night and I never returned.

I currently run a Auto-shop in a small town near the Ohio/West Virginia border. I've basically have accomplished everything I've ever wanted in life. I own a business that is successful and employs three people. I pay my employees a decent wage(18 Dollars a hour about 10 dollars higher then the minimum wage)

I don't own a "house" in the normal terms. I live on the second story of my Auto-shop. I'm still paying off the loans for the construction and land that my auto-shop is on which is my only debt.

I live the dream due to being a bachelor and I will always encourage younger men to go their own. Yesterday was the first time I heard of mgtow. I was looking up life long bachelors and stuff like that. I came across sandman's videos and the mgtow forums.