I realize this is not a political sub, but I imagine a lot of posters here would agree with this assessment. Modern women are overwhelming not just "liberal" which would be fine, but bat shit insane liberal and extreme.

I'm really tired of hearing these creatures rant and rave about how white men are born racist and privileged. I'm really tired of hearing the word "Trump" when we are 6 months into a new Presidency.

Sure there are male leftists, and some of them are radical/extreme, but there has been no sound louder lately to me than the shrieking of TDS infected women who have no identity beyond "white man bad".

Anytime I interact with women in person, I have to just assume they are a bat shit insane liberal that will flip out if you use pronouns or gendered language wrong or in a way that offends them, because honestly, 90%+ of the time its true.

Daddy government has brainwashed all the weak minded women in this country. Brain washed them all to hate men, and to think happiness comes from a management job. It's sick and gross and I'm just so sick of hearing it and dealing with it.

The irony of course is that Biden is such an ineffectual POTUS that I don't care whether he's potus or not, he's not actually "doing" anything beyond the status quo. Yet these harpies still shriek orange man bad every day, and continue to blame all of their (made up) life's problems on white males.

I want to walk away from society all together. I really do. I feel like the world around me has gone completely insane.