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It doesn't matter

October 18, 2019

It just doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if a part or the majority of MGTOW are incels, autists, or whatever {insert man with negative connotations that imply low value}.

Just picture it for a moment, you're 40 years old. You've worked hard your entire life to excel at your career and maximize your investments. You own a nice home. You have a wife and two kids — an eight year old and a three year old. Life is just flowing seamlessly.

Then, out of nowhere, your wife asks you to sit down and talk discretely. She tells you that she's fallen out of love with you, that you guys 'lost that spark'. Maybe she even tells you she's been banging her boss or the physical trainer at the gym.

You guys go through a gritty divorce, and you're now 42.

Half of your retirement accounts (money that you diligently invested for the last 20 years of your life with extreme discipline) — your 401k and IRAs — are allocated towards her. You lose your house. On top of this, you only get to see your kids two weekends a month, and you need to pay at least 25% of your income for child support now on top of that all.

You're fucked. You probably can't retire. You're going to have a very stagnant and strained relationship with your children.

Your social reputation is going to be destroyed, and people will likely put the majority of the blame on you for the divorce even if she cheated — "Oh, he was such an asshole that he drove him into the hands of another man!"

Look, it just doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter what TRP and MGTOW say about all of their theories and concepts about female nature and what not (irregardless of whether they're valid or not).

You simply can't reasonably predict how anyone (including yourself) will change 10,20,50... years down the line. It is not worth that insane level of risk for virtually zero reward.

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