As someone that has LEOs(Law Enforcement Officers) in my family and I may go into law enforcement, I often wonder if there are any of you guys lurking around here local or federal LEOs. Since MGTOW, if you guys are around has your perspective of law enforcement changed after discovering the red pill? Did MGTOW help open your eyes and caused you to take a step back and say "Hey I need more evidence for this DV case or Male vs Female case?" where as before you would just throw the book at all the cases you were working on? Did it put a light into a situation where you would demand for more evidence instead of jumping to conclusions like a-lot blue pill cops or DAs, that would automatically throw the man in jail based on a simple accusation or statement from the female subject? I know states created bias laws that benefit the women rather than the man in a DV situation or rape accusation? But now that we know more women commit a huge amount of the DV and false accusations. Has that changed your perspective on cases you're investigating? Did going your own way help you question the evidence you are faced with or question the statements made by the victim? If you're out there guys, your response would be awesome. The disposable male is no joke, and you guys get to see it first hand dealing with the dreads of society. I thank and honor you guys for the sacrifice you guys make so we don't have to deal with that shit.(Example: