I haven’t decided how I feel just yet in regards to 130k children chirping in a large echo chamber of just outright hateful, and deplorable opinions, all of which stem from an obviously ever-present layer of self-loathing and contempt they harbor for themselves (evident in the vernacular used in posts and comments) and/or whatever male they choose at the time to be responsible for their poor decisions, deflecting all accountability for whatever predicament they find themselves in.

-LVM-Any man who doesn’t treat them like a Queen; who would want to be a partner in the relationship and operate as team, financially and chores, within reason. But regardless of still having a job, house, and car, the low value male “scrote” is simply still not good enough.

HVM-good job, house, car, etc. but mostly importantly a “True Man” who pays for everything..and never expects there to be any conditions of exclusivity in the relationship. Because a Queen should feel free to conduct hypergamy when their HVM drops a red flag, like applying logic or being responsible, perhaps saying “No” in a joint decision, but of course that’s oppressive patriarchy.

If you’re still reading, you’ve concluded as I have that irrational-madness is now an accepted personality, at least to “Queens.”

It is entertaining, much like Flat earth believers, it’s a club of the globes more special peoples, and we need to just remind ourselves that patience is of the better virtues. Though we hope the path of aging will bring about some notion of responsibility for themselves, it’s worrying to consider the development of the children some of these young ladies happen to have. It seems like a maelstrom of unconnected day to day feelings, and that if anything goes wrong, there are men to blame, before they would accept any responsibility.

To the 30+ year old children who lurk on here from FDS, remember the world will continue to turn, and as you age, and notice all the new, younger models walking around with everything they could want in a relationship and life, all the while on a 115lbs frame…you will always have your club of “Queens” to lament to. Thank you for existing as hilarious entertainment FDS.