It's basically A New Hope 2.0

I don't mind if girls/women are portrayed as strong and independent in movies because it is fantasy, but where I draw the line is when girls/women start believing they are stronger then men. Yes you could become a women bodybuilder and be as strong as a man, but most women are the weaker and more emotional sex. I don't know if I worded the last sentence right

Lets go back to the day I broke up with my last girlfriend. She hit me eleven or twelve times. It didn't really do anything, I was just bruised up a bit. Now If I had hit her back the same amount of times she probably would of ended up in the hospital. I am a man that firmly believes men shouldn't hit women because we are the stronger sex, but if women start believing these films that they are "strong' and they push their luck. They'll come across a man like me who believes that you should not hit women, but eventually you're gonna come across the wrong guy who's gonna either kill you or hospitalize you.

I enjoyed a New Hope 2.0/The Force Awakens better then the prequels. I'm excited for Rouge One, but I'll probably not watch it until it comes out on DVD.

Well those are my two cents, have a good day everyone.