Former blue pill Beta cuck talking at you, having my eyes pried open by the red pill. My 3-year-old son is the center of my life, and if I leave and try to initiate a divorce proceeding, my fear is that I will still lose despite my efforts, what with the game being as rigged as it is. As an added obstacle, we had 2 marriages, one in Spain and one in California, so 2 marriages would have to be dissolved.

I am DONE with women and never want to have my dignity assailed ever again. I have contemplated NOT initiating a divorce proceeding due to its difficulty, time and outrageous expense, and turning the gears towards heading down the road while still maintaining a relationship with my son, being Married in Name only (MINO). He has not approached the age of reason and would not concept the situation as it stands.

I am not in need of a lot, just some basics. I have devalued money and possessions (similar to Chris McCandless), already having experienced the majority of what money could buy during my formative years. I just want some peace, contemplation, harmony, and self-actualization. I love my professional life, as I am a Computer Technician working towards becoming a Network Administrator (not far from the prize). I am 48 years old and just discovering myself, the truth about society, and the need for a major change.

My goals:

1) Leave the house

2) Bequeath my share of the properties that I own to him

3) Living a quasi-minimalist lifestyle, maybe inside a Type C RV

4) Living in a small area in California and buying a cheap home

The question: how to put this all on wheels, and especially WHEN? When to introduce the topic to my son that Dad is not happy with the situation and needs a major change. The woman is bat shit crazy and I didn't have the stones to tell her (a BPD by appearances) that she is no longer a welcome presence in my life. My son is a dual citizen and will need my presence in Spain as well to renew his passport, so I have to be in the picture in some capacity. I can't go No Contact for obvious reasons. I am in a quandary and looking for advice on this complicated situation.

Thanks for listening to this rant. Sorry I didn't find you guys sooner in my life.