Hi guys

Just wanted to introduce myself after spending many an hour trawling this sub. I have really appreciated knowing that there are like minded men out there that share my outlook on life.

I guess, as seems to be the protocol, I'll give you a bit of a back-story on my journey to MGTOW...

I don't have a sad backstory (unless you count a militant feminist for a mother) and nor do I have a trail of terrible relationships/failed marriages etc but what I have always known is that marriage (women) was not for me.

Whilst there is always the aesthetic appeal of women, I have always found them to be self centred, narcissistic, vain and lacking any actual substance. They have never offered anything other than sex that I have ever valued, and that lost its appeal a long time ago. The idea of giving up my personal space, money and lifestyle to live a dull suburban life is utterly repellent. I have watched on in absolute amazement as friend after friend metaphorically castrate themselves in LTRs. They all ask how I can afford to do X or Y, or how I can spend hours playing a computer game, watch any movie at the cinema. Whenever. Wherever. I learnt pretty quickly that they don't appreciate it being pointed out they made a choice, a bad one. But nor do I allow them to burden me with their self pity. I just show them how awesome my life is and hope that they see reason some day.

Whilst always being against marriage and having little do with women, outside of work and the occasional hookup, I always considered myself to be pretty "right-on". I was an avid Guardian reader and my politics were heavily left leaning. But, it was the rise of SJWs and victim identity politics that was the proverbial straw...

I have always had a strong work ethic and I deeply resent anyone who believes they should get something, just because. I also have a strong dislike for anyone that won't take responsibility for their poor decisions. Hence why I was and am anti 3rd wave feminism. I saw myself as egalitarian and pro freedom of speech etc. It was through the likes of Sargon and Thunderfoot on Youtube that MGTOW videos suddenly popped up in my recommendations.

This was a revelation, certainly not the content, but that there were actual men out there that weren't all drones or just "following orders"... Then a google search brought me here but also showed me the other side. There is genuine fear from the establishment that this movement is gaining momentum. I can only speak for myself, but I knew instinctively that what is being shared, via multiple platforms, to be true and I am in no doubt there are others out there like me yet to discover this community.

I look forward to the day we can all be open about this in public without fear of the dreaded backlash/shaming...

FYI - I am in my mid thirties, I work for a global multi-national and make a more than adequate income, I have zero debt and have not had any form of romantic relationship in 10 years. I couldn't be more content.

Thanks Everyone for your posts and shared experiences.