Yep, being a man, is just such a sheer privilege. Obviously, men have it so easy..

80% of suicide victims are men.

97% of combat deaths; men.

93% of workplace deaths; men.

76% of all homicide victims are men.

Average jail sentence by gender is 52 months for men and 19 for women.

Over 90% of incarcerated are men.

77% of single homeless adults are men.

90% of divorces are started by women, and they go on to win 84% of custody claims. Following this, 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.

75% of all patients in drug abuse programs are from fatherless homes.

85% of children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes.

Nearly half of domestic violence victims are men, same for rape (man raped by woman)

Feminists in the first world always talk like they have it so bad for whatever reason, but men are much more abused by the system who treat men as the "lesser" and more disposable sex.


Suicide Rates by Sex.

For many years, the suicide rate has been about 4 times higher among men than among women. In 2013, men had a suicide rate of 20.2, and women had a rate of 5.5. Of those who died by suicide in 2013, 77.9% were male and 22.1% were female.

Mortality in female war veterans of operations enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom. Female veterans comprised 1.9% of all casualties and 2.4% of all deaths. Yet people like Hillary Clinton, the next presidential candidate said “Women are the primary victims in war, It is women who lose husbands, women who lose sons."

92% Of workplace deaths are male. (Page 8 of this.pdf document from the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics)

This page is from the Canadian Government, and shows that roughly 75 percent of homicide victims are male in that country each year.

A Law professor at the University of Michigan has shown that there is a large sentencing gap by gender, even when all other factors are equal.

Here is her essay proving that there is a gender sentencing gap.

Incarceration Rates by gender in the American correctional system: Over 90% Male. In addition, when you include the US prison population .... more men are actually raped than women each year in America. I can provide a citation for this as well.

Women initiate 66-90% of divorces year-by-year.

About 1 in 6 custodial parents are fathers. (Top of the first page, second bullet point)

Fact sheet drawn from government websites showing the percentages of dropouts from fatherless homes.

Men are 77% of single homeless adults.

Do the above studies and facts seem like a surprise to you? You may want to ask yourself why no one is aware of any of this, and why we live in a culture where one gender's problems are ignored, and the other gender's problems are constantly talked about. If you are a "feminist" and you are for "gender equality", then you should not have selective moral outrage.

Men's issues are never discussed because most feminists view the problems faced by men as unimportant because they view men as "privileged". That is why there are things like the missing and murdered aboriginal women hysteria, while 3/4 of murdered aboriginals are actually male according to RCMP stats. That's why there was a bring back our girls campaign all over the media for the Nigerian students, while everyone ignored the fact that every single male student was slaughtered at that school, as well as in the surrounding schools, as is been happening for YEARS. That's why when Elliot Rodger killed 4 men and 2 women, it was viewed as a crime against women, leading to the creation of the #yesallwomen hashtag. That is why when the Canadian Centre for Men and Families was created in Toronto it was viewed as controversial and a breeding ground for sexism against women by the mainstream media and feminists for daring to be male-centric. What did feminism do to raise awareness of the male victims?

By thinking that men are privileged, they ignore our problems. Feminists will argue that they are for equality by referring to the dictionary definition of feminism ... meanwhile many feminists claim that it's impossible for minority women to be racist or sexist by arguing that racism = power + prejudice. In other words, they refer to the dictionary definition of feminism to defend themselves, but ignore the dictionary definition of racism in the same breath. Why the selective reasoning? Why the selective moral outrage?

Most social justice ideologues like to call themselves "progressive", because it is an ideology with movable goal posts. You can apply the words "social justice" to multiple concepts and by doing so, rationalize each one as moral. People who do this are dangerous, because the mass followers of any movement tend to rely on other's opinions to validate their experiences rather that do any real study themselves. That is why most feminists have no idea about male issues, while calling people who advocate for males issues misogynist. Feminism attempts to get gender equality by only looking at the problems and needs of one gender, and feminists tend to brand those who do not conform with their ideology as misogynists or morally inferior.

Isn't it kind of easy to see why some people might be opposed to feminism, yet supportive of gender equality? Isn't it easy to see that some men might view feminism as a movement that has failed them? Isn't it easy to see why a man might be offended when he is told that feminism is already dealing with his problems? Do you know what gynocentrism means? This whole phenomenon makes the social justice warrior saying: "Privilege is invisible to those who have it", and turns it on it's head. The majority of women I talk to think that the mens rights movement is a white supremacist misogynist hate club .... yet most people are so ignorant that they do not even realize that men's issues exist.

I end this comment with a link to a video discussing societal attitudes towards men and women:

May you all learn something and form your own opinions.