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Married Men make more than Single Men...

November 14, 2018

Sure. That statistic is well known. However, do you think married men have more control or less control than single men over how that money is spent? They have FAR, FAR, less. Hence all the "My wife LET ME buy this or that posts we see on Reddit."

Being single, and never spending any money on frivolous things that women constantly want is far more financially sound than ever being married.

If you simply stay single, and invest your money wisely you will come out FAR, FAR ahead than any married guy will, and the money is YOURS. Plus, you don't NEED as much money as a married guy does. Each child raised in the US costs at LEAST 250k from 1-18, NOT including college.

One of the wahmen's favorite thing in the world is to eat at restaurants. (Not to mention Starbucks.) Restaurant food in the US at least is extremely calorie dense, and many dishes have 2k+ calories. Starbucks is even worse, with some DRINKS having 1500+ calories and costing 5+ dollars. (With 5 dollars saved a day you can become financially successful. This is known as "The Latte Effect". For instance, if a person spends 5 dollars per day for 10 years, the total cost will be 18k. If we compare that to the opportunity cost of not INVESTING that money at a mediocre 8% rate of return, the total cost becomes 27k. This is only over a 10 year time period, and ONLY $5 per day. The unnecessary expenditures of women are FAR higher than $5 per day on average.) Eating out at restaurants too much is obviously unhealthy given the gross caloric load. I am capable of eating for an entire month on less than $100 per month doing all my own cooking and using staple foods. I am never hungry, and I am not actively sabotaging my health and financial future.

Married men also typically purchase homes, at the demanding of their parasite. As a single man, you may decide to purchase a house if you wish, or you can also NOT. You can also have a far smaller home or even condo and be quite comfortable alone. If you are married you will need a larger space with more square footage for children/BS. Having the freedom to move anywhere you want by renting and NOT buying can set you up for more job opportunities than a married man will have who is stuck in one place.

Women also love to spend money on completely unnecessary knick knacks, crappy vacations, drinking, etc, all while COMPLAINING that it isn't good enough and that they want MORE.

Many men have hobbies that they are completely unable to enjoy because their woman believes it to be a "waste of money", while these same women want expensive vacations, nights out costing 1-200+ etc... Most men's hobbies don't cost more than a maximum investment of over 5k every 5 years. (If you are into the outdoor stuff, imagine what fantastic high quality gear you could have for that price, or if you are a gamer, imagine having a new state of the art VR/PC/Monitor upgrade every few years with zero nagging, or any financial trouble.) Men's hobbies are based on using things, and there is a rational limit on how many things one needs to enjoy one's hobby. One can only have so many tents/computers/atvs for one's own personal use. (Just don't buy a boat!) Women's wants are infinite, and each time their lifestyle goes up, their spending increases. Their spending is not based on real physical things of value that continue to operate until failure. (Which in most cases will take 5+ years to happen, if EVER.) Their spending is based on routine "Lifestyle Amplification Spending". Going to on vacation x amount of times per year, having Starbucks x amount of times per week, going out to eat however often, etc... Basically they favor perishable experiences that do not provide long term value.

You can have an extremely easy life and solid financial future even if the most you ever made in your life was $15 an hour as a single man.

Going MGTOW is the single most beneficial financial decision any man can possibly make. Not to mention the unbelievable peace of mind and financial security you will have knowing you will never lose your home, have to pay alimony, child support, etc...

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