Married MGTOW

April 16, 2021

Sup fellas. I just wanted to say how much it sucks discovering MGTOW while married. Wife cheated like 5 years ago and I discovered it just before Covid hit. I am stuck, breaking free is going to financially destroy me. At this point I am better off waiting until my kids turn 18, only 11 years off for my youngest (maybe, still not sure on that yet). that aside, the other thing holding me back from filing fixing up the house and selling it. I am working on that right now.

What has been said about female nature is true. She was planning on monkey branching if he wanted a relationship with her, but he didn't and that is the only reason she didn't leave me for him. Marriage is a fucking trap, I wish to God I would have woken up sooner. I told myself back in my blue pill days, she would never do that to me lol. what a fool

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