First of all, english is not my strong skillz , sorry for your headbrake.

I' am not communist but i'am French ;) so i know it and i read some stuff about that and my conclusion about is the communisme is the autopsie of captalism but is not the subject here.

I see you and you ask to yourself : what do he want say this fucking perfect human.

It's easy, i see MGTOW like a symptom of the end of capitalism.
since the transition of humanity of nomades tribes to sedentary, women were used by the "money" like Prize for had the workforce of mens, and today mgtow say : we don't need women, we don't need to be a money slave, we can have a minimalist life without your fucking stuff materialist.

we undestand your GAme and we dont want to play it

i hope you understand my point.

be happy
be not marry