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Master yourself and your impulses — Do NOT Fall for the Religion of Consumerism

October 29, 2019

It's important to understand that the 40 (more accurately, 50 or 60 hour work week) hour work week is designed to make you feel desperate, anxious, and in despair — it has little to nothing to do with overall productivity.

Why? Because these emotions in conjunction with restricted amount of free time causes humans to become stressed and impulsive. This creates an environment that primes us for the overconsumption we see especially in the West, which fuels corporate profits.

It's like when you come across an appetizing pastry. Your mouth starts to water. Now think about it if you were stressed and hangry, that cookie sounds like the best thing in the world. But realistically, do you actually NEED it?

Not at all! The cookie is filled with empty calories (with little to no satiation) that will simply spike your sugar, and you'll feel far worse for having it than not having it in a matter of minutes.

Similarly, when you see the average American. They are leasing German luxury cars, financing brand new $1000 phones every year, buying brand new Apple watches, and mortgaging houses — none of which they can afford under very similar impulses.

Trust me! Nothing is going to happen if you drive a ten year old Corolla, use a phone that is 2-3 years old, and don't eat cookies. In fact, likely only good things will occur. Don't fall into the religion of consumerism that you see 99 percent of normies do.

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