If you look at labor statistics, 95-98% of all trades are worked by men. So when you look around, everything visible was put there by men: the buildings, the roads, the electric grid, the water and sewage pipes.

When women say "we want equality in labor", what they really mean is: we want equal access to the executive seats at the boardroom and to all the lucrative jobs.

In some states, there are new laws where 50% of executive seats must be held by women.

But women don't care about equality when it comes to non-lucrative jobs.

No one is pushing to get 50% of women into construction, masonry, roofing, heavy machinery operations, etc.

Even in STEM where universities are pushing for women to fill the seats, giving huge grants and lowering the bar so that more women graduate in STEM, women are not interested, they don't want to go into STEM careers.

In software engineering today, over 80% is still built by men (with women focusing on the less challenging front-end/design side of things).

All we're saying is -- if you want 50% representation in the executive positions and in the government, you need to put 50% of the effort in the grunt work as well.

You don't get to reap the rewards/benefits without putting in any of the work. No one is just going to give you a company so you can play CEO.

Equality means: equal access to opportunity, NOT equal access to outcome.

No one should discriminate against your right to apply for a job solely because of your gender, but you still need to prove that you are the right person for that job.

See: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vbtaoD-iitQ