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MGTOW and Your Financial Freedom - What are your thoughts on affording *your* best life?

February 2, 2019

" If the debt which the banking companies owe be a blessing to anybody, it is to themselves alone " - Thomas Jefferson

My father was a skilled investor, never used credit, paid cash for everything including he and my mothers home which allowed them to retire ears ago, comfortably at the age of 55. While I didn't prescribe to his practices (I never saved to that degree at they did, and have borrowed like most people have)... I probably would be in a better financial place than I am. I'd like to discuss thoughts on finance as a MGTOW and being able to be in full control of your wealth, and I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on the subject and what has or hasn't worked for you.

I'm currently 46, I have sold everything I own and I've tucked it all in the bank to travel the world for a year; my year is almost up. When I return I've set aside a set amount of cash to buy an auctioned school bus, turn it into a custom RV (google skoolie) to suit my particular bachelor needs (complete with motorcycle lift to store my bike internally) and travel the country working various on-line jobs. I also will have enough cash to purchase a new motorcycle and own it outright. (I'm loving the Indian Scout Bobber currently). This won't deplete my funds, but it's as much of my investments as I'm willing to part with, but being free of debt and all but minimal bills, fuel and food costs is very attractive to me.

As I'm currently 100% no assets, and 100% debt free, it's a rather new start in life to have almost nothing... but to be sure it's somewhat exciting. I'm figuring with my RV, solar kit, 100 gallon water tank and a decent sized food pantry I can comfortably go off grid for 100 days or so, and I won't owe anyone anything, but can go as I please.

I plan to stay 100% debt free and only purchase things I can afford with the cash at hand as home, car, and credit card interest can really rack up quickly. A $35,000 car (national average of a new vehicle) is now can cost upwards of $3,500-$5,000 interest. Of course I realize it's not possible to easily purchase an average home in the U.S. ($250,000, but as MGTOW we would never need something so large or expensive anyway), so the RV and free living works for me while I save for my next adventure or need.

My question to some of you younger and older gents is...
How have you prepared, are preparing or want to prepare for your future?
What are your plans now that you are, or may soon be, 100% in charge of your financial future?

Input much welcomed!

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