i would love to organize you guys into some kind of cohesive group based on what i think mgtow is.

tell you not to fund the welfare state by encouraging ghosting.

organize a few dozen of us into an international anti-feminist troll campaign. we could build bunks in my basement and kick the fucking shit out of each other. i could teach you how to live off the land, to live without help, fueled only by hate, an unquenchable masculine fire, and potatoes mixed with moonshine in a dish i call russian soup. but thats just a dream. (jokes)

i see similar efforts every other week to organize mgtow into some kind of unified effort only to be quickly disappointed.

i think that maybe mgtow isnt a support group, or a political group, or a networking group. maybe its an individual expression of masculinity. maybe it cannot be defined by the group, only by yourself, its all up to you to decide what mgtow means i think. and maybe thats better. maybe its better for us to define our own masculinity. to truly go our own way.

i had to learn to let go. to drop my preconceptions.

but... i will always draw a line at encouraging marriage. i think traditionalism is a cancer and has no place in mgtow. if you disagree, please leave a fucked up angry comment with at least one personal insult. thank you.