It's funny how people will talk down on mgtow without giving any valid reasons as to why they hate it. I don't consider myself a mgtow but there are certain truths that the philosophy teaches that have been true in my experience and as such I've chosen to follow those rules( which is the entire point of gyow) but thats besides the point. I can understand women hating mgtow because we are actively undermining their power and privileges but if you are a man and you are against mgtow for no valid reason you have been lead astray. Like if we were to look at dragon ball every single character just about isn't concerned about a bitch. Goku is married and only trains and the same goes for vegeta. Hell the only character thats worried about a bitch is the biggest disappointment and that's gohan. The reason I bring this up is because everyone has seen dbz and other material that shows you that you should focus on your goals and that bitches are secondary and it's simply astonishing to me that these niggas are so obtuse that they won't take a hint and continue to be slaves all while shit talking a principle that every strong man in history and fiction followed.