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MGTOW is real I just wished I found out this before. A warning to you.

May 26, 2019

Hello everyone

I stumbled onto this sub while I was looking out how to fix my life. Let me go into detail.

I made the mistake of trusting a woman in hindsight I was an idiot and I was being taken advantage of but at the time you don’t see these things.

I met “Sarah” on tinder about 3 years ago a relationship quickly formed and I moved in with her it was all good at first. There were a few red flags such as her mainly having guy friends and hating other girls but I put those doubts to the back of my mind.

We were both working and had plans to go and travel that was until she got “depressed” and stopped working.

I had to take a second job in the evenings just to bring more money in this continued for about 2 years.

One evening I was feeling a bit ill at work so I decided to go home and I see a strange car in our driveway when I walked in something didn’t feel right then I noticed another pair of shoes in the hallway.

I ran upstairs walked into our bedroom and I see her just grinning at me as she’s lying in bed with another man.

Please believe me when I say this, never have I done anything to deserve such treatment. I would love to tell you I handled myself like a man, that I was calm assertive and strong but that would be a lie this broke me.

For 2 years I was working my arse off to provide a better life for the both of us I would go to work at 7am get back at 5pm go my second job at 8pm and finish at 2am every day for 2 years as well as clean the house and prepare the meals. I put my life on hold forgoing my own needs and plans just to provide I thought this is what a man does.

I went back downstairs and just sat on the sofa I hear the other dude run out of the house.

I call her a whore a slut you name it she just didn’t care there was zero reaction. I’m shouting in the bitches face and she just doesn’t give a shit.

I was still feeling ill at this point so I just crashed right there on the sofa until I hear my fucking alarm going off back to work I go like a good fucking lemming!

I have no one to talk to I don’t have any family and the friends I did have I eventually pushed away as Sarah was jealous ad “didn’t trust me around them”

My relationship was fucked I have no one to talk to and I’m working a shit job.

Soon tho I would have one less problem.

I arrived back home after work and see a pile of clothes on the floor more specifically my clothes although they have now been covered in bleach!

And my key no longer works!

I keep knocking for about half an hour until the police turn up and I’m arrested for assault.

Apparently when I saw she was cheating on me I hit her and smashed her phone on the floor.

I’m questioned for about 8 hours and let go. I then receive a phone call from my work place telling me that I’m suspended until they have investigated “certain allegations” None of my co-workers are talking to me I have been removed from the WhatsApp group.

For 4 weeks I have been homeless I just had the clothes on my back and about £200 in the bank this is all gone.

I have been left penniless and jobless with no future insight my dignity was taken from me after being worked to the bone. I’m currently surviving off homeless day centres, bins behind shops and the kindness of strangers that take pity on me.

Please don’t make my mistakes, trust your gut, don’t compromise, treat yourself well and just go your own way.

Sorry if the formatting is bad.

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