Men will never just go their own ways. It is just impossible.

Men, however, need to understand that we are all brainwashed (including women). Marriage and love should and HAVE ALWAYS been two very different and independent concepts throughout history and up to the last 200 years.

You should not aim to marry the women you love. Think of marriage as a business. Plan the best possible future for your children. Be as specific as possible with your conditions. Make sure it is all legally binding if possible. Just do it like Dwight did it in the office lol. Be strategic about it.

Yes women will agree on what you ask for because women are desperate for serious men. They have more than enough hot guys for one night stands. And they are really specific and rigid about who they find hot. Don't try to change their minds. You will be played in the long run.

If you wish to fall in love, go ahead and pursue this. Just never don't let love make you forget about getting the woman to agree on all of your conditions. Otherwise, stay in love but never get married. And get married to someone who will adapt to you.

JUST DO NOT MIX THE TWO CONCEPTS!! And then blame women!! They are much more intuitive about this type of thing.