I have awoken! I can see everything, and my eyes doesn’t hurt at all.

I was an adept of TRP and all of its philosophies. The short story is that I broke with my fiancé thanks to a fake pregnancy in order to force a marriage. I can write a book about it. But I’m free, without alimony nor child support. I’m 30 btw.

And thanks to TRP I me the “Monk Mode”. I gave myself 6 months of social isolation, study, self-knowledge, meditation, financial education, healthy habits and philosophy. I have read lots of books, studied this sub, checked the media and mainly focused on a stoic way of living. I sold my car and have put the money on investments. I’m riding a bike and going to work by bus. This has nothing to do with MGTOW, but , I have adopted a simple yet effective way of living thanks to stoicism.

Well, where do I want to arrive with all this “I have awoken” bullshit? Simple, I can’t look at women the way I looked in the past.

When I see a smile, I see an attempt of manipulation. When I see a cleavage and a fully produced woman I see aggression. When I see a hottie with yoga paints looking at me, I see violence. I’m being victim of feminine weapons. Behind that smile, is a natural instinct breaking our defenses, of getting us into a trap, of breaking our rationality and making us slaves. It’s a parasite that naturally makes us feel comfortable with our own demise.

Women play the innocent victim in order to get our protection and nurturing, and gradually stop playing the victim and counter their own game becoming gradually dominant. Even the alpha of the alphas can’t avoid this game. Because its natural, it happens, and it’s in our nature. The game is real, and behind that cutie, behind that smile, behind that fit body, is a weaponized parasite evolved in every single way to fuck you up.

I’m aware of the game. I’m aware of this bullshit. I don’t want to change myself in order to fake compliance with the game to a pussy for a night. I refuse. I resisted. I’m going on my own way.

I'm free now. I'm on my thirties. But its never late to enjoy life. I feel that I have wasted 30 years of my life worrying with bullshit.

Thanks MGTOW