Saturday I was rushed into the hospital via ambulance, after an ultrasound it was revealed that my gallbladder had failed and I needed surgery to remove it.

I had a female feminist friend (very long story) visiting during this.

I am home recovering with 5 holes in my stomach.

she is 34 years old.

Doesn't know how to drive
Doesn't have a job

So I'm at the store and I'm very hungry but don't know if I can eat, so I pick up some pasta and sauce. She goes onto tell me that she can cook it for me while I rest. I'm hesitant as usual. But honestly it's boiling water and throwing sauce onto boiled pasta, how bad could it be?

So she "cooks" the pasta. She for some reason thinks she needs to add a jar of water to the jar of pasta sauce? and dumps that on the pasta

Seriously I'm no cook but that said I can boil noodles and dump sauce over it without fucking it up.

Modern women are incapable of doing anything at all.