Society is the way it is today because most men are weak. Even men in power make laws that go against other men, because they are controlled by their wives. For example, divorce laws are made mostly by men, and yet it's men who get the short end of the stick.

It's not really surprising that most men are weak though considering that they are mostly raised by women. It starts with the mother, who conditions the child to basically worship her, but also be afraid of her (that's why when he grows up he will almost want to kill anyone who makes a joke about his mum). After that, the kid goes to kindergarten or whatever, where the teachers are mostly women, and all this obviously has an effect of him. Ofcourse along the way, the mother and the teachers teach him to treat women differently. If he has a sister, his mother tells him never to hit her back if she ever hits him. And if his beta dad (who also encourages him to worship women) is the type to hit his kids, he'll only physically punish the boy, not his sister. And all this sends him the message that girls are different and should be treated as such.

On top of all this, all the movies and tv shows he watches almost always have a storyline where some beta male is chasing a woman, and hanging his entire sense of self on her approval of him. Even the music he listens to is all about worshipping women. So ofcourse when he finally becomes sexually interested in women, they basically become his God, because from the day he was born he was conditioned to worship them. That's why you always see videos where a woman is beating up a man, but the moment he tries to even defend himself, a bunch guys intervene and start kicking his ass. It's also the same reason why this sub is quarantined, because women are Gods and their behaviour should never be criticised.