If you're familiar with racing, you'll realize that most drivers and crew members are male. There is the occasional female, but they're rare.

These sports require precision mathematics and engineering.

If you look into a pit box, you'll usually find a giant group of men.

How much more MGTOW can you get? A giant group of brothers working together to develop a race car to compete against other groups of mostly men.

This is what men strive for. A brotherhood to work with. Could females have developed the beauty that is a v10 Formula One engine? Doubtful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLyqoX3LZrk&list=LLDn9m7L6kh4-jk09jMiG73g&index=14

Racing is a man's hobby. Most, if not all females that have attempted to fit in have failed miserably.