Nothing exactly groundbreaking, more of a rant but have you ever noticed that male type behaviours (like manspreading) are often aggressively shamed and stamped out because it's bad for any man to display the slightest expression of "masculine male dominance". Meanwhile feminists can wear their fake-up, their short dresses, push-up bras etc to accentuate their femininity and try to display dominance in her sexuality.

Girls from a young age are taught that they can be anything they want. Feminists have no problem of young girls being a cookie cutter of a dolled up Barbie. Women can embrace masculinity and be celebrated for it, even if they're rude, aggressive and rambunctious. Meanwhile, boys are expected to renounce their masculinity and get called chauvinistic douchebags for showing off their muscles, expressing sexual interest in the female anatomy etc, all whilst at the same time ridiculed for being sensitive, not being "manly" enough or called "pathetic virgin losers" if they do not get tail. It's honestly a damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Gender roles is freedom for women but as for men, it's simply complying to be the agentic worker-drones of society and contribute to high taxes without any sort of compensation.