30, never married, no children. I make decent money. I never thought I would make decent money...

Will be buying my dream home (a small place in the mountains on 2+ acres) in the next few years with either cash or a low mortgage which would work with gas station pay if need be. No worries about money.

All I want is my freedom, my freedom to own my own property and do whatever the fuck I want with it. I want to wake up and look out my window and see noting but trees. I want to walk out my front door in the morning and see the mountains in a small mountain town far from civilization. I want my dog, my best friend in this world, to have a gigantic yard to play in. I want to go out on my back porch on a cool summer afternoon, sit down with a beer, and hear nothing but crickets chirping and birds, I want to look up and see miles of pine at 6000 ft elevation in the mountains. To me, this is the single definition of happiness. No cell phone or computer monitor or whatever will make me happy, but my vision of serenity will.

I don't care about an hour drive to work and back. the view, the silence, the serenity, and a manageable mortgage (if I even need one) is all I really want in this world. I don't care about anything else anymore. Since I was a kid, literally all my dreams have died and dissolved into this. This dream is the reason I go to work and bust my ass every day.... and it's going to come true soon.

In retrospect, I have always been red-pilled, the last 2 year I have gone full monk MGTOW. In the last 2 years I have seen myself grow more than I ever thought possible. I used to be that guy who always bought the newest computer rig, the newest phone, the newest whatever.... that person is dying. All I want is silence and a view. No HOA, no covenants, just pure freedom in the forest to do whatever I feel like doing.

To those who question whether MGTOW is the right way, MGTOW is making my dream come true... all my hard work is paying off now and I don't regret my decision at all. Instead of focusing on impressing women or buying temporary happiness for myself, I focused on my last and only true dream in life.... and I'm almost there.