Starting off with: My parents never really had similar interests, and never really get along to this day, which is why a year after I was born, they divorced; being with eachother a year before I was born (meaning my birth was the only reason they go married). and being married for only two years.

How I used to see my dad: Growing up, I would always assume my dad would one day get married, as they split up with really no damage they still talk to this day. My mom moved out and I went to see my dad on weekends. As my mom got together with someone as she needed resources, my dad really never had anyone after that, he just moved in with some roommates to be left off better economically and I never had a stepmom. And as I grew older and saw people with their parents married, I always thought my dad kind of failed at life. I grew up thinking that being married = success. My dad even encouraged me to go for girls, even though himself never went for anyone. He still encourages me to get married and have kids, as he wants grandkids, and for me to pass the blood.

What I’ve come to realize: What I’ve come to understand is that my dads personal attitude towards women comes differently to how he wants me to live. He feels as if he’s already had me, he can die alone, he’s passed his blood. And now, instead of seeing that as a failure, I look up to him. He has been doing amazing economically, and he’s been happy with what he has. He can say or do whatever the hell he wants and I’ve come to understand the sight of freedom outlasts the love that grows old. Although I don’t think I need to pass the bloodline, I have two cousins with the same last name to bring us forward, meaning I am free to live however the hell I want.

In conclusion: My perspective over society and success has changed. I no longer see the sex in winning. The red pill has shown me how sex drives for power which drives men to become slaves of something they were given hope over. I can relate social media to how photographs contributed to WW1. As the public is exposed to the way in which war was fought, and the conditions, it took away the lies of propaganda calling it the adventure of a lifetime. It was a lie for power and followers and conformity. Social media drives men to discover the truth of marriage as r/MGTOW and r/TRP. Ive learned that i don’t need anyone to be happy, in fact I don’t need anything to be happy except my skin and my bones.

I thank everyone on this subreddit as we are one, and the next step for society. Every one of you has changed my life and I have this subreddit to thank. It’s like breathing real air conpared to breathing dust. Thank you.