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My observations of women hitting the wall

September 19, 2018

I’ve observed several indicators in many women that suggest they are about to hit the wall. (Note: A Google search will suffice for those who do not know what it means when women the wall.)

There are many indicators, but I have seen universally three characteristics that suggest a woman is either about to hit the wall, or already has. Perhaps not all women go through these stages before hitting the wall, but more women than few do.

-They are either gaining weight, or are already obese

Nothing worth explaining in detail here, its obvious. The women I see who are about to hit the wall begin gaining weight, and its visually noticeable. These women who enjoyed their hour glass shaped bodies in their 20’s begin looking like a ball later. Age varies when this begins. Of these women I have observed this in, they will typically begin eating out more, and eating more foods that have little to no nutritional value. In extreme cases, McDonalds becomes something like crack for these women.

-They do odd things with their hair

Never fails’ they’ll do something very odd with their hair. They’ll shave half their head, if not all; or they’ll dye it odd colors like blue, green, or something just as weird. Many women do this before hitting the wall, and many younger women can sometimes make this actually sexy. The point I’d like to make here is this; women can do weird things with their hair and not be anywhere close to hitting the wall, but women who hit the wall do always do something weird with their hair. They often times will begin wearing more makeup as well.

-They either resort to religion or animal pets for the emotional validation they no longer receive or have lost.

This is not just the ‘crazy old cat lady’ type; in fact, I hardly know any women who actually get several cats for this purpose. The thing I observe most is that women start going to church and believing that God is listening to their problems. Women who hit the wall and cannot receive the emotional support from men they once enjoyed will start trying to use God to fill that role. I see this more common than not, and even women in their mid-20’s who buy into this crap hit the wall soon after. A woman who becomes more and more religious is probably the most accurate indicator she is about to hit the wall like a speeding bus with no brakes. Cats, dogs, or other pets are examples of this as well, but I see religion as the most prevalent.

I’d like to finish this up by saying that as men, we are biologically hard-wired to be better tomorrow than today. Its in our biology and genetics to be fitter, more muscular, and smarter as we age. Men can also hit the wall too, and many do; hard drugs, alcohol, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and marriage will slam a man just as hard against the wall. However, if you take care of yourself now, you will be better tomorrow. Take care of yourself tomorrow, and you’ll be better at every point as you age. Mental health is just as important here. Reading and making the purposeful effort to learn something new is just as important as hitting the gym. Women are biologically doomed, especially after having children. We, as men, are the complete opposite. We only have to exert effort into it. No matter how hard women try to avoid the wall, they’re biologically doomed to crash into it.

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Have kids early, slide into motherhood gracefully.

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They may try to extort emotional support from there children which will result in them comjng off as overbearing and demanding.

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