After ww2 came the baby boom, the birthrate of the german people paled in comparison to the allied nations and has only continued to fall to literal catastrophic levels.

German men are the classic chads. They are generally tall, handsome, muscular, stoic, along with intelligent and hardworking. But do you know what they also were 75 years ago? Losers (in the most literal and unpressidented sense). And women do not want the seed of a loser, no matter how good his genes are.

These women 75 years ago were LITERALLY promised the world, and instead were handed a bunch of defeated men to chose from. I can only imagine how bitter the average German woman was 75 years ago, and i truely believe that has been passed on mother to daughter ever since. The only difference is now they have birth control.

The birthrate definitely isn’t about money since Germany is one of the only strong economies in the EU. The women were poisoned moreso than average.