Need to explain something further in my other thread.

December 9, 2017

Hi all this is in reference to the thread

Someone from a popular forum in my country EDMW has posted my experience there and due to possible repercussions I deleted the reddit post hastily. But speaking to my uncle who was also the lawyer representing me suing the bi#ch I learned that my fear was actually unfounded. But since we are living in such an environment now where crazy things happen and I am not a lawyer by training who could blame me right?

After my experience was posted in Eat Drink Man Women forum I read a bit of the comments posted that and realized that I in fact had not explain well and I intent to rectify in this post.

The part that cause some to thing that the story was fake is

  • I Sue that feminist bi#ch and Won damages
  • she did not have money have gave to go to jail.

In singapore when you Sue someone in a civil suit she will NOT have to go to jail, at most declare bankruptcy. After people in the forum pointed this out I feel I have to explain in further detail.

she did not go to jail because she has no money exactly. She was sentenced to jail because she was held in contempt of court for failing to comply with a court’s order connected to the debt, which I had legally won after winning my court case against that bitch.

Basically she had the means to pay me, or pay me back slowly but she refuses and actually tries to "shift" her assets. I was able to prove that thus resulting in her jail term. My next move will be a gagging order against her so that if she post in social media in the future I will send her back to court. 

Honestly her imprisonment was something like a bonus. And honestly I did not expected it. I expected some monetary rewards but certainly not jail term as civil sui often do not result in imprisonment. And I sued her only because my lawyer who is also my uncle offered to do it for me FREE , for family so I had absolutely nothing to lose here. Also I am able to prove to these feminist jokers that if you mess around you will get burned.

I will post the story in the comment below as I had took down the post in the other thread.

Have a good day folks!

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