Obviously a play on words of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

A small snippet from this imaginary book that is in part based on true experiences.

Chapter 3:

The Weekends

Every month I spent 2 weeks with my Mom and her new Husband, AKA my Cucked Dad, and 2 weeks with my real dad who has been living the MGTOW lifestyle for many years.

The weekend was a time that I really saw the big difference between the life that my cucked dad led and the life of my MGTOW dad.

Every Thursday my mom would already start preparing lists of demands she needed my cucked dad to do that weekend.

The demands ranged from things he needs to take care of in or around the home to things that he needed to buy. Often times, the demand involved him taking her to some store or mall that is having a sale, her spin was, she is trying to save HIM money.

My cucked dad was a very very hardworking man. He got up every morning at about 5AM and by 6AM he was out the door heading to work. Oftentimes he would even work on weekends. It seemed that regardless how hard he worked, regardless how many side jobs he took, my mom would always shame him for not doing as well as some of her girlfriends husbands.

My cucked dad would just stand there and listen, It was like watching a human, getting beaten over and over again, and while still alive, removing his heart.

Sometimes the fighting got so bad that my cucked dad stormed out of the house almost in tears, just to return a little while later with flowers and an apology. He would loudly say "you are right, you are right, I will change, i'm sorry, I just had a very rough day". My mom would always reply "what do you think my day was like?"

Well, I know what her day was like, she was home, surfing the web, watching TV shows she recorded, texting my dad with things he needed to bring home, checking her Facebook page 500 times and texting people. Poor thing.

Some nights my mom was just in a bad mood and there was nothing you can do to change it. My cucked dad would spend those nights sleeping on the living room sofa.

My cucked dad was never able to save a penny. The moment my mom anticipated he will get a year end bonus, she already had it spent.

My mom spent a lot of time making sure I do not watch anything bad on TV and also spent money on software to make sure we have the most up to date internet filters. However, the actions I observed her do, were way more damaging to me than any TV show or website would ever be.

The weekends were all about her, ALL THE TIME! If it just so happened that I enjoyed something we did, she would remind me to make sure to tell my MGTOW dad how good of a time I was having. She would often stop and take photos to send him of me having a great time. This was all about showing him that she is a great mom and preparing my MGTOW dad for a money request above and beyond what he was court ordered to give her.

There was always tension between my cucked dad and my mom. Nothing was good. She complained about his driving, his eating habits, his job, his hours, the way he talks, the way he walks, the way he looks and the way he thinks he knows better than her.

I would always hope that some relative would visit our home and stay over for a few nights. It was only during those times that my mom would behave in a way that even in movies would not be believable. She did such a fine job that my cucked dad either forgot or acted like he forgot who my real mom is. He would often times repeat 50 times to the guest that "he really got lucky when he met my mom".

Her favorite story to everyone was about how hard my cucked dad tried to get her interested in him. She would talk about how she would never give guys like him a second looked, however, his persistence and harassment paid of for him. She would always finish, "he got me at the lowest point of my life, I was not able to think clearly". My cucked dad would just sit there and nod in agreement, he knew better.

When it came time for my MGTOW dad to come pick me up, I was so happy. His first question to me was always, how are you? Is there anything you need? How is school? Do you need me to help you with anything? It was all about me, what do I need, what do I want to do.

He never told me to tell my mom how great of a time I had, he never asked me what my mom, his ex-wife is up to. He never told me "don't tell mom" nor did he ever tell me anything negative about her.

One weekend he took me with him to a local charity event that raised money for children with cancer. It was an outdoor event, and everyone who had a nice car would join up and meet in one place. There were many Ferrari's and Lamborghini's, but other sports cars as well, like my dads Porsche.

It was mostly men who showed up, maybe 5% had some woman with them. I guess if there is nothing to buy, and the only thing going on there is unconditional giving, women have no reason to show up.

I remember when my dad dropped me off after that weekend back to my mom, I was so happy to tell her about the charity event and the cool cars I saw.

I was halfway done telling her the story and she flipped out, she started yelling that "she's sick and tired of my dad putting my life at risk".

She grabbed her cell phone and called him yelling and screeching. "How dare you not ask me before taking my son to a place were people drive cars that are known to get out of control and kill people?"

She hung the phone up and went on a rant that she needs to call her divorce lawyer and have him go before a judge, "nobody will jeopardize the safety of her son" she yelled.

I told her that nobody was driving fast, it was just people doing a nice thing for very sick children.

This got her even more angry, she started yelling "tell me the truth right now, did dad tell you to say this?" She continues on a rant how I was being brainwashed by my MGTOW dad.

It took me a long time to understand that her entire rant was based on one thing, being jealous that my MGTOW dad did something that made me so genuinely happy.

Did she forget about the time she was charged with a DUI while she had me in the car when I was 6 years old? Did she forget about all those times that she had random men she met online come over to our home and she did drugs with them? Is she forgetting the rages she goes into every week that do massive damage to me mentally and emotionally?

My MGTOW dad was a happy go lucky man. He would often show me photos how fat and out of shape he was a few years after he got married. Today he is in shape and healthier than ever.

My cucked dad on the other hand would show me photos how great he looked many years ago. Today he is out of shape, unhealthy and just walks around in surrender mode all day.

My mom's favorite thing to do was to preach how great of a mom she is, the reality is, the damage she has done, is beyond repair. If not for my MGTOW dad bringing some sanity into my life during those most important years in a child's life, I doubt I would be alive today to write about this.