As the saying goes, so-called nice guys aren't getting much attention from women. In a cosmic sense , I thinks they are the lucky ones in the end. Let me explain:

Just talking from personal experience, I was called 'nice' by numerous girls who ultimately didn't reciprocate romantic interest. I don't particularly consider myself extra ordinary nice, I just try to be civil around people I like. Women, however, consider that a weakness. Anyways, now I am 33 ,have a decent job, own my own home, new car, I am fit, good health, pretty good looking and no addictions to speak of...and I am single. Women don't find me thrilling enough or something, and I not willing to get out of my way to woo them. I am open to meeting reasonable women, but I won't try to prove anything to them or impress with clever pickup lines, presents or pointless romantic gestures. If anything, it would be on my terms or not at all. When I do go out, I don't pay for dates. I watch for red flags and won't plow a chick unless I sure she isn't crazy. That happens quite rare. And as we all know, women almost never make the first move unless they look like jabba the hut. I think I got very lucky. By not having myself being tied to a woman at a younger dumb stage in life, now I can make smarter decisions. I don't have to ask permission from a wife to go out on a game night like my co-workers. I don't need a co-owner be present to renovate my house. I don't need to slave away for someone else. I do what I want when I want it. I never went to escorts or anything like that, because if anything those skunks have to pay me, not the other way around. Porn takes care of business and a pet provides companionship. I am really glad about my situation right now.