So recently my Fiancé of 5 years left me for a man she fell in love with while we were engaged. While together with my job paying $400 a week paid for her phone/internet/car insurance/“rent”/food/drinks/dinner and drinks out/and pretty much any other expense.

I thought I was broke and probably going to be poor or live at home forever after she left me because at the end of every week after paying her and my bills I was left with ~$20 per paycheck.

Even tho I only made around $400 a week and with her job she was making anywhere from $700-1000 a week I was paying for everything and she still had “no money”.

After she left I spent the first few months spending money on clothes and other stuff to I guess find happiness in items.

Well the last few months I’ve been really saving as much money as I can. And at this point I have more money in my savings account then ever in my life. I even have a motorcycle payment and insurance now and still save way more money then I ever was able to.

Women really are vacuums that suck money into a fire pit.