This really needs to be said once and for all because it is apparently too difficult for some people to focus on FACTS. I'm taking this from my posts here:

I'm not sure if the OP's intention was to point this out via a troll shitpost or not, but the 68% number is about as viable a statistic as any other number thrown around regarding false rape accusations. Why? Because the actual number is what we call a "dark number".

Dark number:

Because we don't know how much under-reporting/over-reporting there actually is, or how much of it is truth, we cannot say we know what the actual statistic is.

Regarding false rape reports, here is a decent article that sums it up:

Exerpts from the article:

"Here's what we do know: The 2 percent number is very bad and should never be cited."

"The 41 percent number beloved of men's-rights activists is better; it involves a peer-reviewed study by Eugene Kanin of a police department in some unknown small city..... And the study itself is now pretty elderly. A lot has changed in 20 years, including, possibly, the number of false rape accusations in this city and the rest of the nation. This number should be used only with grave caution."

"But so should any other numbers, such as the 8 percent figure that is commonly attributed to the FBI. When you dig into the research itself, you find it is often heavily inflected with the authors' prior beliefs about what constitutes the "real problem": unreported cases of rape or false reports?"

So in summary, what we know about false rape reports is that we don't know the actual numbers. So the feminists and faggots that got their panties in a bunch from the post I referred to need to go cry about it elsewhere because they don't know the real numbers any more than anybody else.

Here is the absolutely critical part about false rape accusations: They DO happen, they are DEPLORABLE, and they should be PUNISHED. The fact that such a thing exists in our court systems would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. Due process of law is not being properly followed when men are accused of such a heinous act. Even if they prove their innocence (which is an uphill fucking battle because in cases like this you are guilty until innocent, rather than the other way around) the specter of the accusation haunts them for the rest of their lives.

And feminists have the gall to say false accusations should not be punished because actual victims might be deterred from coming forward??? On what fucking planet, I ask? If you legitimately got raped, you have nothing to hide, so the "logic" here is because liars got called out you're not gonna bother using the law? BULLSHIT. The fact is that innocent men's lives are absolutely RUINED due to the disastrous way rape accusations are handled.

Whether you like to admit it or not, the propaganda machine has taken its toll on men. Men are assumed to be dangerous, men are assumed to be pedophiles if they are alone around children. Men are assumed to be villains. And these bitches wonder why a lot of us are joining MGTOW and telling society to go fuck itself?

I don't have much else to say, other than I think it would be awesome to see the mods step up and tell these intruders that come in here with their bullshit to fuck off, because that's what it is when someone comes into OUR forum and tells us OUR statistics are wrong and THEIRS are right. Pure, unadulterated, bullshit. And bullshit is bulletpoint number one on things not allowed here. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of suppressing free speech, but I don't know, at the very least, as a reader or moderator, I encourage you to do your part in calling out those who are full of shit because maybe that will be the kryptonite that sends them back to whatever hole they crawled out of.