I posted awhile back about knocking up my plate. I was pretty shell shocked at the time. You guys gave me a few kicks while I was down too. Maybe I deserved it.

Had a month to come to terms with it all. Will stick to my beliefs. No Marriage, No Cohabitation.


  1. Nothing for now, hopefully a healthy baby born this summer.
  2. After baby is born, establish paternity and come to paternity agreement. This establishes your rights as a father, who makes what decisions and how many nights the child spends with each parent.
  3. File it with the courts, this is the part that sucks, now your in the system for 18 years.
  4. My state calculates child support somewhat fair. It only looks at that the parents salary and number of nights with each parent. I will end up paying day 1, but you never know that the future holds. You can always go back for adjustment.

Sidebar- some guys never establish paternity. This is the "Vegas method" Some win and some lose. The big risk is you piss off the baby mama at year 15 and she goes in for back child support. Your fucked then. Another method some guys try is they negotiate a lump sum payment to the baby's mother. We all the know the women will blow all the money. And no matter how good your lawyer is she will come back and ask for more. Pay as you go! You never know that the future holds.

I made a mistake and I will take a financial hit on this. I accept my responsibility. Luckily I have no debt. I should be able to survive this and keep a roof over my head. It may be a small roof but I will still be king of the castle. MGTOW 4LIFE!