Me(19M) and a 'friend' (18F)

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So for the sake of the story and being anonymous, I'm a 19 year old male from UK. There's me, then this other guy I'll call M, then a girl I'll call S.

S and I have been talking for a while now, and we are very open (or so I thought) and communicate well. However M is her ex and she still falls for him and continued to be in a pseudo-relationship with me while also falling for me. A week ago, we finally made out then the next day she started talking to M again and the following day decided that she liked him more than I, and cuts me off. She says "I think I only like you as a friend", am I reading that wrong or does the "think" sound like a justification and not very convincing?

I've never been in a 'relationship' like this with anyone prior to this so I'm not sure if I should just give it a while (I'm not sure M even likes/wants S), but at the same time I'm no ones second choice, I don't know if I could even bring myself to try and re-initiate the relationship it'd have to be on her end and have a good apology/explanation.

Really I'm only asking for second opinions on this but any advice etc is helpful, I'm allowed to be wrong so please don't hold back