I've had the MGTOW mindset for about 3-4 years, but just recently found this community, and couldn't agree with it more. My question to you guys is, have anyone of you been pressured to get married by parents/family?

The South Asian community is notorious for pressuring people to get married with families finding a suitable match and arranging everything. People say that in modern days, the whole concept of arranged marriages are different, but not so much. The family will go out, find a potential match, and give you the opportunity to 'talk' to each other. Saying no to the other party is considered a dishonor. Obviously, you can go out and find someone on your own as well.

Further onto the point, I don't want to get married (especially to a South Asian woman). They are worse than a lot of the feminists in the US (where I live), don't want to work, demeaning, and demand that the man fulfill all of their needs. My parents are very unhappy that I'm not married, and continue to push the idea of arranging something. I have said No many times, and have told them not to talk to me if they continue to push the same agenda. I have a great full-time job, house that is almost paid off, and in my mid-20s. Have any of the guys in MGTOW ever been pressured to get married?