If you engage in a relationship, you (man and woman) are infatuated. The woman loves what you can provide to them and how you make them feel, the man loves the looks of a woman. You both misinterpret it as "loving the person"

Okay, second stage (my questions are about this): After 3.5 years (I guess this is the time you can infatuate, make a bond, produce a child and raise it for the first year or so), your infatuation goes back. I was never in such a 3.5 year long relationship (let alone being in a relationship), as much as I've heard the state of "love" comes to play. Either you "don't love each other", or you start to "'truly' love" each other, this is "the stage which decides if a relationship will last longer".

My questions are:

  1. Is this bullshit? Is this really reality that after infatuation this stage will come to play?

  2. If not, then you can't deny that the woman will have a bond with you, that you'll be important for her, and thus the theory of "women don't love men" would be false because this would only apply to the first stage of infatuation (which by the way also applies to men).

I know I am playing the Advocatus Diaboli, I will obviously stay all my life single and MGTOW but nevertheless I had this thought and i hope you guys can prove me wrong