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Reading posts from deadbeadrooms is even more illuminating than watching the Red Pill Interviews

March 23, 2018

The past couple of days since I discovered MGTOW have been a hell of an eye opener. I thought I had women figured out because I never put up with their shit and usually can see right through their trashy antics, but even in my most cynical moments I didn't think women were this bad.

Check this post in deadbeadrooms,

We have sex about once a month but it always feels so forced. Like he’s not that interested and only doing it to get me to shut up. He always asks for blowjobs but has gone down on me about 4 or 5 times in the 9 years we’ve been together. I’ve gained about 40 pounds since we first moved in but so has he and I’m still attracted to him but he’s clearly no longer attracted to me. He tells me he’s attracted to me but doesn’t act like it or even acts interested when I undress around him. Last week he finally admitted he has a porn addiction and that he prefers masturbating rather than having sex with me. It’s not that he has a low libido. He masturbates and watches porn 4 or 5 times a week. He said it’s because he chasing the idea of having sex with a woman with the perfect body. I feel crushed. I feel so ugly and unloveable. I feel so worthless. I feel like no man would touch me with a 10 foot poll. What sucks the most is that he’s the breadwinner and even though I work 40 hours a week I could never live on my own on my income alone. We live in one of the most expensive cities in the nation. I’d have to move back to where I’m from. I’d have to give up my career and start from scratch. There’s no walking away without giving up everything else as well. http://archive.fo/yFxKX and https://i.imgur.com/tdA8Yws.png

He’s paid for all of my education and is planning to pay for my MA. If and when I walk away I’m choosing to give up on Graduate school as well. http://archive.fo/yFxKX#selection-2595.0-2595.143

In reply to this instead of telling her to maybe, ya know, work out, or do something or anything to help earn her place since she's just mooching off the guy, what do the fuckers suggest?

Start (or continue) to save as much money as you can in a secret account. Start your exit plan and figure out from a practical point of view what you need to do now so you’ll be able to move out on your own. You said you’d lose your career, so figure out how you can transition your work experience into something new and start laying the groundwork. Figure out where you might want to/be able to afford to live. Sounds like this relationship is over so just take advantage of the free rent right now and call it over, in your head. Planning the future will take your mind off this miserable self esteem crushing crap. http://archive.fo/yFxKX#selection-2225.0-2225.618

They are literally telling the bitch to take advantage of the guy and to then surprise dump him after 9 years together when the guy is still trying. These people are degenerate scum. Seriously, fuck these trailer trash bitches.

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