So, I did a lot of exploring in life before I decided on MGTOW, and there's a part of me that's sad the current state of gender relations removes half the people on the planet (or more) from my social opportunity.

I do remember in school before college when I could talk to women (or I suppose girls) like people and they could talk to me like people too.

But now everything is sex all the time. If she doesn't want to bang and you're not handing her money or gifts, conversation is out of the question.

Screw the "I want to tell a girl she's pretty and not get torched for it" crowd, I just want more interesting people to talk to.

Enter the magic of the strip club. They aren't pricy at all around where I'm at. Suddenly that half of the world is up for conversation and strikingly, the conversation can be devoid of sexual implication.

I don't mind that it's a worker/customer thing, that keeps it professional. Most interestingly, if they don't talk to you it's bad for business.

I certainly wish people got along better, but for so long as we're in our current situation, if I need to talk to someone female, it's hard to beat this work setting.

I go once or twice a year, total cost ~$200 annually

($10-20 cover, 2 drink minimum, the rest in singles)

So for the guys that date, the cost of 1.5 dates and none of the hassle.