Ok, so I am a good guy. I am a nice guy. Im a fairly attractive guy (women give me around an 8 but their math skills are questionable at best) I am not at all a rich guy but am a minor celebrity who has never had any problem meeting women but I was raised old fashioned by my awesome dad and what I now know was a dangerously psychotic/narcissist, abusive mother. I was the "black sheep". My brother was the "golden child". I was in retrospect, A good kid, though it didn't feel that way. I kept noticing that despite my best efforts, I kept getting hooked up with different variants of my mother in the mates I took. I later found a shy and wonderful woman and had a kid w her that I almost never get to see and all of the usual complaints, but I cannot say that she was psychotic. We fell apart probably because i was hardly ever there and she filled the void with Facebook to the point of it not mattering when I was. Well, it was sad and all that, but she wasn't overtly evil to me.

Then a friend of over 20 years supposedly fell on hard times and I began to date her in my new, vacant house I had previously renovated for the life i would never have with the mother of my son. I am no stranger to sexy girls and she is definitely a head turner. At first everything was great but over time things became hellish. I would get sucked back in trying to help her for good samaritan like stuff but I was getting wise. I had stayed clear of the MGTOW movement because, well. One could see how many of its members are , mildly put, prone to mysogyny. I posted this question on yahoo answers and only got a religious loon, so. Im now getting why you guys get together and am considering sharing my full (and frankly unbelievable story) with the group so that it may be used for anyones youtube vid etc.

Ayway. This is what i posted that never got answered: Id appreciate thoughts on this or thoughts on my post in general. Understand that I am still leary of saddling with any group that exists upon hate, yet a group that calls a spade a spade is fine with me.

"What is wrong with this girl (is there a name for this)" Constantly interrupts and pays so little attention when spoken to, she can't even remember what was said (but claims this most when she is called on it, like "i told you you had to be ready by this time if we are going to make it there at all") Criticizes me even worse while i am actively going out of my way to help her. For instance: she said she needed brakes on her car. I bought them at her local auto store and asked her to pick them up to bring to a mechanic I had arranged. She bemoaned this and showed up 1.5 hrs late for this guy to do me a favor. He took off the tire in front of us both and we all could clearly see she did not need brakes. I then got blamed for trying to help and she claimed that the car was now handling funny and the wheel was on wrong. I told her it wasn't as we all were there when the 40+veteran mechanic and I put the wheel back on. She kept complaining, so I went out and took her tire off and put it on again. She said the next day it was still on wrong and I had done nothing. Again, I told her that this was incorrect. She told me to do it (again). I told her she was going to watch me do it, otherwise there was no point. The next day when we were supposed to take my son to the pool before dropping him off with his mother, I asked the girl to be ready 15 mins before normal so i could change the tire in front of her. Well, she didn't. after 4 hrs prep she was ready and blamed me for the delay of changing the tire. Kid got 10 mins swim time. I had enoug Update: She also criticizes ANY thing i do, like trying to do her dishes for her etc. Brings up ex bf's. Is super entitled and egomaniacal and constantly nitpicks and obsessively cleans and claims she has so much to do but yet accomplishes very little. That night i had told her I had had enough and went back to my house and loaded her things into the car. She locked the car, tried to lock me out of my own house and then, after thinking otherwise, let me in and stood in my way obstructing me. Update 2: I told her to leave and she refused. I knew better than to call the cops as they arrest the man. I eventually gathered all her things and said I had to work and was going to bed. I had at least 4 times asked and told her not to touch me and she didn't pay any attention, so I just refused to speak, mainly. She asked if i wanted her to sleep by me and I said "not only do I not want you to, I want you not to, but you haven't heeded my requests not to be touched either." Update 3: Predictably, she crawled into bed with me and began trying to seduce me. I rolled over to the other side and she fondled me for over an hour, before masturbating loudly and pretending to cry. The next morning after this hellish/sleepless night. I asked her if she had all of her things and she packed them up and left. Update 4: She came back tonight and I wouldn't let her in or talk to her and she sat knocking on my door and calling for about 45 mins after being told to go away and me not adding anything else but saying since she doesn't leave when asked, she can't come in and silence. Update 5: I realize you guys are going to tell me its not a big deal, but she pulled a stunt like this before in my house, I called the cops and got arrested for no wrongdoing and spent the night in jail. She apologized profusely and we stayed away from each other but she asked for help with her brakes and an upcoming hospital visit. After you get fondled against your will for over an hour, knowing its better than the legal bills and forced play nice so she doesn't lie in testimony, get back to me on it.

Thank you for the time, I know it was a long read. This was the final straw and there was so much more that I put up with because I thought she had a terminal illness and now I'm not so sure.