One of my friends I was talking about in last thread (marrying a woman who had prior kids with a convict degenerate "exciting" man who is now in jail and then settling down with an average responsible man like him after the fun is over) has gotten even MORE pathetic. He posted this on Facebook today:

And he's also been posting whiteknight feminist type crap pictures on there as well (and oddly enough, getting zero likes for them).

I'll never understand how you can raise multiple offspring that are not yours and act like a true omega bitch to boot. I don't care how good looking pussy is (and in this case, the girl he is with is about a 4/10 and chubby to boot).

Not to mention she won't let him hang out with me past 11 PM but I don't really enjoy being around him anyway as his whole personality has changed in a span of a few weeks. It's like he's suddenly been brainwashed by Buzzfeed or some shit in addition to all of the other crap going on. She is also forcing him to move into a "better" part of town (where they live right now is fine and actually very nice, it's just older (10 years old, not really THAT old) but it's cheap and it's low crime and even gated). It's only "better" in the sense that it's brand new but his rent is going to be 6x per month than it is now.

I mean, in the past I've had some hottie single moms come onto me but I ignored them. Your dick might be interested but just think about it for a second and you'll realize that's a horrible idea.

I can only imagine how bad it's going to be a generation from now unless they rebel against all of this nonsense.